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Champion of the Moon.

Celebrating the release of their fourth album, ‘Champion of the Moon’ (2014), Anaura is pursuing distribution and festival dates in Europe and Scandinavia. The San Francisco / Oakland dark rock band, finds themselves musically squashed between Wings, The Cardigans, The Smiths and Weezer-esque inspired pop gems. Darker melodically brooding tracks bring to mind Kent (Sweden), The Motorhomes (Sweden), Kashmir (Denmark), and The Stills (Canada).

Each song to follow on Champion of the Moon is just as well-crafted and the guitar tones are shockingly perfect, allowing every note to shine as intended. “Vinyl” is a more distorted, straight-forward pop creation the likes of Weezer, “Blood Letter” contains more arranged vocals that rise and fall in a Beatles or Jellyfish-esque fashion, and “Dark Horse” is chalk full of 90’s goodness as the song pounds its way to a climax as though someone put Sunny Day Real Estate into a blender with U2.  – Clayton Lancaster,

an aura
|’ôrə| noun (pl. auras) [ usu. in sing. ]
• the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place: the ceremony retains an aura of mystery. Allegedly discernible by people with special sensibilities.
• a dark pop band hailing from San Francisco, founded in 2003.

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